• Making science relevant to students’ lives, not just something they do in school.

  • Building a participatory classroom scientific community, not centering around the teacher delivering information.

  • Engaging students in making evidence-based arguments, not just receiving established knowledge.

News & Updates

New Middle School Strategy Guides Available for Download!
Attention Elementary and Middle School Teachers! Participate in our 2015-2016 Field Trials!
The NGSS Approach IS the Seeds of Science/Roots of Reading Approach!

What We Do

The Learning Design Group at UC Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of Science is a team of dedicated researchers, curriculum and assessment specialists, disciplinary experts, and educational innovators who are creating powerful instructional sequences for the next generation of science learners.

Our aim is to enable all students to inhabit the role of a scientist and successfully use science to solve real world problems. By supporting students’ scientific habits of mind, our curriculum develops young citizens who are curious, skeptical, evidence-based thinkers capable of making decisions that improve their own lives and the lives of those in their communities.

Brought about through rigorous research and design processes, creative thinking, and extensive field trials in classrooms around the nation, we are eager to share these ideas with you and your students.