The Learning Design Group is committed to providing resources that bridge research and practice. Therefore, in addition to resources for building teacher capacity, such as professional learning opportunities and downloadable instructional materials, we also offer archived presentations, articles, and research reports to meet the needs and interests of our community.

Middle School Strategy Guide - Reteaching Loop: Practicing Oral Discourse Skills

This strategy guide provides an opportunity for students to practice oral argumentation skills without the extra cognitive burden that reading and writing can bring.

Middle School Strategy Guide - Reteaching Loop: Reading Arguments

This strategy guide is intended to support students who have had some exposure to the basic components of scientific argumentation but who need more support in breaking down and understanding the arguments they read.

Middle School Strategy Guide - Reteaching Loop: Understanding the Role of Relevant Evidence in Supporting a Claim

This strategy guide helps students practice thinking about relevant and irrelevant evidence and articulating reasoning so they will have a common shared experience to refer to as they write later in the year.

Middle School Strategy Guide - Reteaching Loop: Using the Reasoning Tool to Develop a Strong Written Argument

This strategy guide supports students as they learn to make convincing arguments about more complex scientific phenomena as they learn that reasoning is the process of making clear how evidence supports a claim.

Middle School Strategy Guide - Supporting Claims with Evidence by Using an Argumentation Cart Sort: Fossils

This strategy guide introduces an approach for teaching students to focus on key ideas by using an anticipation guide. With an anticipation guide, students learn how to activate their background knowledge, focus their reading, and support statements... more